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Covid Level Care

by John Janzen © 2020

Suppose for every cough or sneeze
We asked the person, "Would you please,
Submit to simple Covid test?"
"Oh thank-you sir, you are the best!"

And just to make things safer still
Let's isolate against their will
To slow the spread of this disease
Which stops with herd immunities

A new perspective may be wise
To place before our hazy eyes
What if this Covid level care
Would be applied just anywhere?

At every hotdog stand on earth
A protest would be giving birth
For chilidogs with extra cheese
Might lead to deadly heart disease

Oh please don't take that Sunday drive
Though chances are you will arrive
The fear is that perhaps you won't
So safer still if you just don't

Avoid the draw of nature walks
For poison plants and jagged rocks
Are poised the careless to oppose
With itchy rash or bloody nose

To see your local Walmart store
Should galvanize you all the more
To steer quite clear where people are
They're far from good, but good from far!

And now the moral of this poem
The point I'll make to drive it home
Just what if "Christ in us" would share
This highest level Covid care?

Remarkable would be the sight
If wrong was wrong and right was right
How do you think the world would fare
If God got Covid level care?

This poem won first place for the September 2020 poetry contest

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