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The Carpenter's Son

by Julie Carro

Entering the world, at first breath, He cries...
Joseph is flooded with joy and tears in his eyes,
As this precious babe's life is placed in his care,
He looks on His face, caressing His soft baby hair.

What a wondrous blessing, he says to Mary, his wife,
We've been given this child to foster His life...
A moment in time to hold in our hearts,
Alone with our Son, before His ministry starts.

Instantly, their hearts are melted as one,
As he whispers His name Jesus...the Carpenter's Son,
Oh God, my Father, please guide all my ways,
Help me to raise Him, Joseph quietly prays.

God said, Joseph the carpenter, teach Him to build,
Each creation He holds with the love I instill.
Help Him to see past the cold block of wood,
To a finished masterpiece, and proclaim it as good.

Teach Him to build with His heart and His hands,
For one day this child will build hearts of man.
This is why you were chosen to raise My only Son,
He will build a bridge to humanity when He says, "It is done."

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