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Wings of Love

by Julie Carro

Precious Holy Spirit, Comforter of my soul.
Light upon my heart, teaching mysteries of old.
Warmth that floods my being, Lifter of my head.
Spirit of the Son, whose cleansing blood was shed.

Cover me with Your feathers, there is trust beneath Your wings.
My brokenness will be renewed; Oh how my spirit sings!
Fill me with Your Presence, lift me to new heights,
Every burden left behind, diminished by Your Light.

Hide me in your shadow, Lord keep me ever near.
Let me see with eyes of faith, not earthly doubt and fear.
Let me hear with ears so keen, the whisper of Your voice.
I give you everything I am, there is no other choice.

Let my heart be one with Yours, a river of peace and love,
Flowing forth to every person; the Spirit of God above.
Oh my precious Holy Spirit, how I long to fly with You,
To realms of grace and mercy, where life is sweet and true.

Come with me my little one, that longs to fly away.
I'll lift your head above your pain, each and every day.
We will climb to greater heights, than you have ever known,
I'll carry you On Wings of Love, to the Father's Throne.

Let Me give you eyes of faith; trust My every Word.
Let me give you ears to hear; follow what you've heard.
Let me wash your heart, with streams so clear and pure.
I'll give you courage to fly on wings, so strong, and safe, and sure.

Come to Me on bended knee, be lifted by My Spirit,
Open up your arms and heart, there is no need to fear it.
We will soar through winds of joy, beyond blue skies above.
Come my child, and fly with me, Upon My Wings of Love.

This poem was a finalist in the November 2009 poetry contest

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