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Kissing the Face of God

by Julie Carro

Mary kissed the face of God, and held Him to her breast,
Overwhelmed by His perfection; Oh, how she had been blessed!
To gently hold His little hand, as His fingers gripped her own,
Gazing into His eyes of wisdom, to ponder the unknown.

Now you can hold this precious child and draw Him to your heart,
As He is the Word of Truth, and His life He will impart.
The God of all Creation, the Life, the Light, the Way,
For Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is still the same today.

The Word will melt your heart, as you seek out His face,
Just hold Him close to you, then cherish His embrace,
For the Word is alive! And His promises are true!
That you may feel His life, when He sweetly touches you.

May you sense the Breath of Heaven; humanity restored,
As each and every promise, is the Word of our Lord.
Let His Presence fill your being, with wonderment and love,
To set your heart on fire, for the Holy One above.

For it is only when you seek Him, and draw Him close to you,
That you can sense His beauty, and feel His glory too.
Just as Mary kissed the face of God, and held Him to her breast,
Let the Word fill your heart...Oh, how you will be blessed!

The very power, and the life, she held within her hands,
The Word of God, Jesus Christ; the fulfillment of His plan.
A wonder, and a mystery, that they are joined as One,
That as you embrace "the Word of God" you are holding, "Christ, the Son".

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. John 1:1

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