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"A" is for.....

by John Janzen © 2012

A is for “ability” to do God’s will through grace
B is for all “blessings” poured out before our face

C is for “courage” despite our many woes
D is for “deliverance” God gives us from our foes

E is for “excitement” that builds up deep within
F is for the “faithful” who in the end will win

G is for the “grounded” who stand upon the rock
H is for the “hopeful” who earnestly will walk

I is for “incredible” the love God has bestowed
J is for my “Jesus” to whom my life is owed

K is for His “Kindness” which daily He unfolds
L is for His “Lordship” which all these things upholds

M is for His “mercies” He has enough for all
N is for “never” He’ll not reject your call

O is for “obedience” we need not understand
P is for the “power” the Spirit to us hands

Q is for “quality” with which our work is done
R is for “redemption” found in Jesus, God’s own Son

S is for “salvation” the Lord has made us whole
T is for those “trials” which bring us to the goal

U is “understanding” after we obey
V is for “victory” we’ll have if we will pray

W is for His “witness” to all men we must go
X is for “experience” that produces in us hope

Y is for “Yahweh” Jehovah is His name
Z is for the “zealous” who tell about His fame

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
Please remember to mention the author of this poem when using.