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It is Christmas

by Mark Henderson © 2016

It is Christmas...

And all through the heart
Both up and downstairs
Are pictures of love
And memories quite fair
Attached to its walls
And a scent in its air
The aromas of grace
And reminders of care
For God in His presence
Does abundantly share
All of His affection
And all He will repair
For all that we've lost
And all that we bare
For Christmas is His promise
To overcome the dare
That we made in that garden
And made with that stare
That we are the answer
To all of our prayer
Yes, it is Christmas time
And our hearts now wear
Their victory in hope
Not their failures of despair
For we now celebrate
And are fully aware
Of the Star from the East
And its diamond solitaire
For the gift we call Jesus
Is our hearts love affair

Yes, it is Christmas...

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
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