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Take Me Lord

by Mark Henderson © 2020

Take Me Lord

Take me Lord down that path
In your presence by your staff
To that place where we laugh
Where we cry. Where I graft

Take me Lord up that mountain
In your presence to that fountain
To the living waters always mounting
Overwhelming stains recounting

Take me Lord on your shoulders
Higher than the rocks and boulders
Way above the clouds of scolders
To the stars and heavenly molders

Take me Lord with your hands
Gently braid me in that strand
Of human hearts who never can
Mute their praise or music ban

And take me Lord into the valley
Where souls grieve and never rally
Where worm and moth eat and sally
And where you found me in its darkest alley

Take me Lord and take my heart
Give it a jolt and give it a start
To know your Love and all you art
That I might glow, your Radiance part

Take me Lord....

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