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by Den Den

We are not obeying our God, so we are reaping his wages.
Many deadly diseases are upon us, it is the proof.
If we knowingly sin God's Face will turn against us.
And our enemies will rule over us and so we fuss.

If we do not obey the Heavenly Father now.
He will punish us seven more times for sins.
He is breaking the pride of our power you can see
Drought, floods, land not yielding its fruit believe.

Wake us and listen to God today..
We are all sinners to this very day.
Change and put God first in your heart and soul,
Take action and be brave do not be cold.

God loves us all righteous and sinners alike,
His Son Jesus Christ died for our sins on the cross.
If we repent and come to Him we can be saved.
So come back to God before you are loss.

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