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Not Funny

by Emanuel Lucero © 2020

My laughter has been silenced
Once robust and infectious
But then came my reliance
On preferences salacious

One cannot rationalize
When falsehoods are realized
What is left to summarize?
Forgiveness through one's demise?

Do not seek for hope afar
Afar is well beyond you
Find your solace at a bar
Where all lies then become true

Alcohol is not your friend
Yet many do find escape
To some a means to an end
For those who cannot relate

I am one among the few
Despite inebriation
Sought a church and knelt on pew
And prayed for my salvation

Do not think me repentant
I pursued my wayward ways
Not intending to relent
Nor perceiving my malaise

Yet God in His own timing
Saw through my hostility
Continued my refining
Knowing my ability

Stewardship He has in mind
Where God and redeemed align
In this sinner He did find
A grape of the one true Vine

Because His Son paid the price
My guilt is now left behind
Courtesy of Jesus Christ
God's forgiveness, so Divine!

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