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The Change

by Clinton Herring © 2018

The mind knows not the God of love
Until the heart sees truth above.
For only in His Word is found
The truth that makes our world abound.

Endowed by God His image for sure
But Adam’s sin now did immure.
The enemy laughed and saw our pain
His hatred of God on us did rain!

We’re lost and follow a fallen world
Our hearts are twisted and oh so knurled,
Until God’s truth is birthed within
And truth breaks lies exposing sin.

For then we fall with cries of shame
And realize that we’re to blame.
Each one of us the guilt inside
All works of ours fall short, we tried.

But seeing us in our despair
No hope apart from Him could care.
His love with height and depth beyond
As mercy and light on me had dawned.

New joy, new life, new truth are mine,
In Heavenly castles I long to dine!
Brought home by mercy and by the One,
The Son who took my place, He WON!

I long to live for Him on earth
And show the heart of His new birth!
His blood has spilled on me for sure
And bought for me this heavenly cure!

His spirit inside and Oh so sweet!
To journey inside to His retreat,
And find within His comforting arms
My faith, His peace, His loving charms!

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
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