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Discipline of Love

by Stephen Wong © 2018

It is painful being under the hand of God’s discipline,
As he brings out his correction for the sin we’re living in,

When we sought to live our own way and escape God’s watchful eyes,
His light exposed our evil, though we tried to hide behind lies,

It’s hard to bear God’s discipline and own up for what we’ve done,
When God chooses to humble us there is nowhere left to run,

But just remember through chastising, God’s love does still shine through,
His aim is not to bring punishment, he only cares for you,

So be patient during God’s teaching time, learn his lesson well,
He is teaching us to follow him and no longer rebel,

His discipline will lead us right and make us evermore wise,
Although it always hurts at first, it’s a blessing in disguise,

So next time you face God’s heavy hand, make sure it’s understood,
Whatever pain he brings you is ultimately for your good.

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
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