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Psalm 27

by Robert Hawkins © 2020

The LORD is the source of my light and salvation;
of whom will my fear be displayed?
The LORD is my fortress, my stronghold, foundation;
of whom will my soul be afraid?

​The wicked advances, my flesh to devour;
my enemies stumbled and fell.
Though armies surround me, my heart will not cower;
though war breaks against me -- all's well.

The one thing I seek of the LORD and desire:
to dwell in his house all my days;
beholding his beauty, I long to inquire
and learn at his temple his ways.

When trouble appears and afflictions betide me,
​he'll save me when life goes awry;
his tent has a secret place therein to hide me;
I'm set on a rock upon high.

So, now in my triumph my head I am lifting
above every foe gathered 'round​;
the tendrils of smoke of my sacrifice drifting
with praises I've sung, heaven-bound.

O LORD, hear my voice when I cry with persistence​,
show mercy and answer me still.
My heart heard you say, Come and seek my assistance.
My heart has responded, I will.

​Don't turn your face from me, reject not your servant;
in anger, do not look away!
You've always shown mercy; I can't be more fervent:
don't leave or reject me, I pray.

​Although my own father and mother disown me,
Jehovah will gather me close.
LORD, teach me to follow the path you have shown me,
because there's no end to my foes.

Forsake me not to their unholy alliance
and threats that my enemies make;
accused with their falsehoods​​, they rise up in violence
with every cruel breath that they take.

​Of this I am certain: the LORD's good and gracious;
I've seen it throughout, far and wide.
Rely on the LORD; let your heart be courageous.
Yes, wait for the LORD to provide.

This poem won second place for the January 2021 poetry contest

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