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Welcome Home

by Billy Creighton © 2020

Give me my share of your worldly estate
I want to enjoy life before it's too late
So with a sad heart, his father gave him his share
And his son left home for Vanity Fair.

It wasn't too long before his money was gone
Foolishly spent on wine, women, and song
So with his pockets now empty and his belly needing food
All his so-called friends abandoned the once cool dude

There wasn't much to be found by way of jobs
So he left his pride to work in the sty and feed the farmers hogs
Then he came to his senses as his hunger grew worse
And he thought of his father's servants eating their main course!

I will go to my father and admit I've done wrong
And I'm no longer worthy to be called your son
Please make me one of your servants I beg
And all I ask for is some food and a bed

So he headed for home down that long road of shame
So many thoughts weaving through his tangled brain
Will my father ever be the same?
Will he treat me with disdain?

Yet while the son was still a long way off
The father saw him coming and immediately took off
Running to his son as fast as he could
And throwing his arms around his still cool dude

The rehearsed "I'm sorry" speech the boy had begun
Fell on deaf ears as the father kissed and hugged his son
Bring the best robe put a ring on his finger
And kill the fatted calf we're going to have a big dinner!
This son of mine was dead but now he's alive!
He once was lost but now he's found!

The moral of this story is not so hard to see
For the Prodigal Sons are you and me
But God our Heavenly Father is standing on the road
Waiting patiently, to welcome His lost one's home.

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