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Come Lord Come

by Annie B © 2020

Come, Lord, come to Your table;
For weak and weary is my soul.
No one like You can satisfy me;
You alone can make me whole.

Grant that I, in a manner worthy,
May come near Your Heavenly Throne -
As I lowly bow before Thee;
As I look only to You, my Lord.

Unworthy as I am, dear Savior;
I was born with a cold dark heart.
You will banish me forever
IF I keep my distance apart.

Teach me to loathe my sins forever-
Sins that keep me from being whole;
I pray never through willful sinning
Live through Your judgment on my soul.

My soul is filled with all yearning,
So, through You, salvation I will see.
I await Your soon returning
Coming to redeem even me.
Weary I am, and heavy laden,
With my sins, my soul is pressed.
Receive me and transform my heart
Then, I'll be Your forever guest.

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