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We Surely See Him

by Paul Purday

We surely see Him in the starry night-time sky
His imprints stretch across the vault's celestial wand
A spreading canvas of His artist's hand on high
A painting swept across by an eternal hand.

We surely see Him in the landscape's rich display
Of mountain playing hide and seek with lowering cloak
Then boast a shaft of light to break the stormy grey
Like fickle tongues of fire that lick amid the smoke.

We surely see Him in the ocean's roaring waves
The azure colours and the currents of the deep
The whistling wind , the seabird's cry, the cliff-formed caves
The sea and sky bisected with a boundless sweep.

We surely see Him in the winding river's flow
The water's music and the overhanging trees
Lush meadows where unseen exotic flowers grow
And floating leaves drift softly on the sighing breeze.

We surely see Him where the little creatures play
Where some so small and unpretentious foil the eye
Microscopic workings that to the world display
The skilful, mighty hand of Him who came to die.

We surely see Him now, upholder of it all
His universe, His handiwork, His open heart
Engraved on human hearts who comprehend His call
His breath , the essence of His Life, sets us apart.

We surely see Him now, the lowly Man of God
Communicating myriad colours of His Life
He wore the shoes like ours and in the path He trod
Entered and knew the fearful depth of human strife.

We surely see Him now the glorious King of Kings
The Cross that stands for all, before eternity
The Blood was shed, for from His riven side it springs
Cleansing enduring, and our lives forever free.

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