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The Secret place.

by Paul Purday

The place is near and yet so far
A place to be where glories are
Yet why do we so rarely find
Our entry there when we inclined
To long to know Him and a Presence we have rarely seen
So sad, for life's attractions strike a wedge for us between
The way the world will take, or longings for a Godly scene.

It's only Him. Then we will see
The secret place, the home where we
Find where He dwells, the Holy Place
The room outside of time and space
Hope of a better world no longer captivates the heart
And earthly siren voices once beguiled would now depart
We were imprisoned but we know that we must stand apart.

Alone with God, it's always Him
Where we can in His fullness swim
The glory of His universe
This space so intimate traverse
A space for oneness and the matchless hope where earthly days
Give place to an eternal scene where simple longings raise
The foretaste of a place where myriad voices sing His praise.

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