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It happened to me

by Mike Wilson

Life was good,
good as life can be.
All was well,
as far as I could see.
You were there,
walking beside me.
I was happy.

It was great,
having such a blast.
Had it all,
all that I could ask.
I felt strong,
like a tall ship's mast.
I stood steadfast.

And then it happened to me;
I never thought it could be.
How could you do this to me?
I thought you loved me?

Oh Lord I feel so bad.
I'm feeling so so sad.
It really makes me mad;
when I can't trust you.

The faith I thought I had;
that used to make me glad;
wasn't as iron clad.
I thought I knew you.

Oh the pain,
how long would it last.
I felt lost,
feeling so downcast.
So confused,
like a poor outcast.
I was broken.

It was then,
I fell on my knees.
Turned to you,
I cried oh God please.
Felt the shame,
coming over me.
I was humbled.

And then it happened to me.
You came and set my life free.
Lord, it's not all about me.
I know You love me.

I was so easily deceived.
Was such a fool to believe.
That life could be problem free
It's how you teach me.

Oh Lord I feel so glad
Got back the joy I had
No longer feeling sad.
I stand rejoicing.

And then it happened to me.
Your love, it rescued me.
You taught me how to believe,
and truly trust you.

And then it happened to me.
It really happened to me.
It finally happened to me.
Oh Lord, I love you.

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