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You Before Me

by Michael Howard © 2019

The love song of the Savior is "you before me"
To the extent of His choice to die on a tree
For the sins of all people, oh how can this be
A love that's so sweet, exceeding eternity.

What love is displayed as earth clutches His knees
Bowed down in the garden, to the Father He pleads
A way out if desired, all angels would lead
But Christ weeps at a heaven without you and me.

Eternity past witnessed complete harmony
Only now to be broken in Gethsemane
Oh why, Son of David, for this ungrateful breed
Would you bear guilt, so heavy, to set captives free?

If only a fraction of the cost we could see
Sin crushing the life of our Omnipotent King
Even greater the fact that He bled willingly
Might then sin be vile to God's worst enemies?

But this is the love that exceeds eternity
When Christ laid down His life singing "you before me"
Oh God You are forever exalted as He
Who prized us more than His own life, let us sing!

This poem was a finalist in the June 2019 poetry contest

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