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by Peter Fraser © 1997

Peter Cottontail hops wicker basket in arm,
To all good little Children in city or farm.
He brings bright coloured eggs, too many to choose,
I've got the sweet little Easter Bunny blues.

Aisles full of eggs in the stores leave no doubt,
That chocolate's what Easter is all about.
With Bilby's and Rabbits and Yowies you can't lose,
I've got the Easter time consumer blues.

Easter parades and concerts abound,
A holiday season once more comes around.
People camping and boating and hitting the booze,
I've got the Easter vacation highway blues.

But why get the blues you probably ask,
Just kick up your feet and fill your hip flask.
Why are you distressed at the Easter season?
What in the world could be my reason?

Well I'll tell you why Easter gets me down,
I'll explain why my face wears a frightening frown.
You're not going to like it, but I don't really care,
So here's the reason for my despair.

The cross can't be found at Easter these days,
No one has the time to worship or praise.
The death of Jesus is a meaningless fable,
No one wants to supp with the Lord at his table.

No one cares that he rose so we all could live,
No one cares that he gave the world all he could give.
No one cares that his ways are the true path to glory,
An ungrateful world has forgotten the story.

So next year at Easter remember my tale,
And consider the thorns, the scourge and the nails.
And remember the blood of an innocent Lamb,
That was spilled for the gain of unworthy man.

Please Saints, enjoy the holiday season with your families. We all need a break from the hustle bustle of the world these days. But take some time out to remember why these days are Holy days. The time spent relaxing with our families and friends is so much richer when the great things that God has done for us are kept in remembrance.

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
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