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by Peter the Poet © 2001

The day has arrived, all the planning complete,
A couple in love but run off their feet.
The to-ing and fro-ing and paying of bills,
The phone calls, the fretting and clashing of wills.

He waits in his suit with a cold running sweat,
His palms are all greasy, his feet are all wet.
The Minister's face says "I'm glad it's not me",
The best man and groomsmen tend to agree.

All dressed up in silk on her way the bride rides,
She's dizzy and nervous, her mouth is all dry.
The matron of honour is shaking her head,
The bridesmaids all think that there's trouble ahead.

Fashionably late she walks to the groom,
But he can be seen nowhere in the room.
And as she arrives at last down the front,
She trips on an object and lands on her butt.

Shaking her head to clear out the shock,
She ignores the crowds laughter, who're they to mock.
But it soon becomes clear what had caught on her boot,
'Twas her fiancee; out cold; she'd tripped over the old coot.

Despite all the troubles the wedding took place,
A husband and wife gaze at each others face.
But the groom is uptight for he's going to bruise,
The one who wrote H-E-L-P on his shoes.

But at the days end, with all jokes aside,
We've got a proud husband, who has a new bride.
And God the Most High will bless never ending,
The man and his wife who survive THE WEDDING.

Any similarity to persons or circumstances real or fictional are totally co-incidental.

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
Please remember to mention the author of this poem when using.