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The Man in the Middle

by Paul Purday

The order of our planning
The straightness of our way
The richness of our culture
The pride of our display.

All this may be our history
Our knowledge to impart
But knowledge of the Holy
This must affect the heart.

We must protect the lowly
Incorporate the lost
Where often deprivation
Extracts a shameful cost.

The hatefulness of warfare
Creates more neediness
More misery and sadness
God enters our distress.

The lowliness of Jesus
God's lovely humble Man
Went lower ever lower
Than any of us can.

The Cross, it's shameful story
Held other crosses too
Each side of Him they argued
A fearful rendezvous.

One thief would argue at Him
The other knew the price
Asked Jesus to remember
Him soon in paradise.

That thief had no credentials
No membership of church
No skills in Bible reading
Theology research.

The thief if he were questioned
About his pedigree
Could give no valid answer
Only reality.

"For I am not deserving
And He told me to Come
Despite my earthly actions
His heavenly land to roam."

The grounds of our acceptance
The Cross is always there
To nullify our efforts
To climb the heavenly stair.

But I am not decrying
The Bible or the hymn
It's just we must remember
It is not us, it's Him!

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