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Psalm 2

by Robert Hawkins © 2020

Why do nations rebel and conspire?
And the people -- such futile things planned!
Earthly kings, in their battle attire,
have united and taken their stand

in opposing the LORD -- unifying;
and, against the LORD's Chosen, drawn swords.
"Let us tear off their chains," they are crying,
"and be free of their bondage and cords."

You can almost hear heavenly laughter
as the LORD mocks these threats they have made.
He rebukes them in anger thereafter,
and his rage makes them deathly afraid.

"Upon Zion, my hill, I've appointed
there, My King for the whole world to see."
I'll proclaim, said God's newly-anointed,
every word that the LORD spoke to me:

"You're my son since today's celebrations,
I've begotten you now as by birth.
Simply ask, and I'll give you the nations;
you'll inherit the ends of the earth.

With an iron rod they will be broken;
you will smash them as pieces of clay."
‚ÄčTherefore, kings, it is time you are woken;
earthly judges, ere time slips away.

Serve the LORD with a fear and deep feeling,
and rejoice with a trembling breath.
Show respect for his son, bowed or kneeling,
lest his anger results in your death.

Though his wrath may be kindled a little,
there's no rescue, no comfort nor balm.
Oh, what joy for that man in the middle
of his sheltering refuge of calm!

This poem won second place for the September 2020 poetry contest

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