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The Return

by Paul Purday

The Christ of God, the eternal living Tree
With lush and never-dying fruit to feed
Our thirst and hunger to fulfil our need
That really is a longing to be free
Or have we settled in a land of greed
Where we are tossed by breakers of the sea?

Oh why do I, and others, move away?
And why do we obsess with outward things?
We have so much, but often sadness brings
These times when many have been led astray
So like the ancient pathway of the kings
Who led their lands a sad apostate way.

Now many in these days are on the brink
Or have already moved away from God
Blind from false suns the feet of many trod
And from a stagnant pool lay down to drink
On the broad way with many hurdles plod
And finally sit in the mud and think.

God's Spirit will not always strive with man
But now is causing many to return
And find a path of clarity and turn
From idols that are false. They soon will fan
The flames of passion that will surely burn
All harmful opposition to God's Plan.

Return, return, the call is loud and clear
And find again the Lover of your souls
Who will release us from the world's controls
And find His awesome wonders will appear
That seals the ending of our earthly goals
Which filled our hearts and once we held so dear.

And now, we have the sunshine of His face
As our great Captain calls us to His arm
Protecting us and shelters us from harm
The narrow way, there is no safer place
And holds us with His supernatural charm
The high eternal glory of His Grace.

The One who said 'return to Me' has more
to say; it is 'I will return for you'
The final great event for us , and true
This Faithful Holy One who we adore.
So now we wait with longing for this new
and glorious rendezvous on heaven's shore!

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