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I Am …. Hope

by Michael Spence © 2021

In those darkest of hours
when all appears broken,
I show up to remind
of life's beautiful moments.

I am present all around,
and everywhere you can see;
new flowers in bloom,
children at play and smiling.

I am wind and rain in your face,
birds singing in tune,
best prize of them all -
rainbow in late afternoon.

My motto is never give up
and never give in.
It will be much better one day;
a promise you can depend.

May not happen today,
nor even tomorrow.
But joy will arrive, so
rest easy my dear fellow.

I start as a whisper in your ear.
A beat in your heart.
I grow rapidly from there to
give your dreams a jump start.

Whenever you feel lonely,
defeated or distressed.
Breathe slowly, close your eyes
and remember who has this.

I will never let you down.
I will never let you go.
It is said I am spring eternal,
and remain yours truly,


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