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My Mission

by Annie B © 2021

I need my life to count for Jesus
All through this evil world I go.
I long to be so faithful and true
So His goodness my life will show.

I need my life to speak of Jesus
With words of His love and His cheer.
Grieving hearts will be overtaken
While feeling His blessed presence near.

I need to give my heart to Jesus,
In His total service every day.
I need my life to count for Jesus
In all I do and in all I say.

I need my life to shine for Jesus
Finding lost souls who dwell at night.
When I reflect His beams of mercy ,
It will lead them to the Gospel Light.

I know I'll go and dwell with Jesus
When my life on earth is over.
No disappointments, no bitter tears -
I will be with Him forevermore

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