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My Heart Christ's Home. Part 1

by Billy Creighton © 2021

Salvation came to my soul that night,
when Jesus my Saviour came into my life.
It wasn't a sentimental or spectacular thing,
I drank from the water of His eternal spring.

Demons departed the darkness of the night
as He bathed my heart in His brilliant light.
He built a fire and banished the chill
and warmed my soul like no other did.

I said to Jesus Christ, my Lord
"I want this life of mine to be Yours.
I want You to feel perfectly at home,
my life, my home, is now Yours to own."

I said, "Come, feel free to look around"
we started with the study…I saw His frown.
My study was the control room of my mind.
As we lingered, He looked, I lagged behind.

Books on the bookcase, magazines on the table,
pictures on the wall, I felt embarrassed and shameful.
Some things His eyes were too pure to behold.
I knew His thoughts; I didn't need to be told.

"Master, I know this room needs to be cleaned
will You help me make it what it ought to be?"
"Certainly" He said. "I'm glad to help you,
Get rid of all that's not pure, good and true,

and meditate on Scripture, day and night"
then He handed me a full-size portrait of Himself,
"hang this centrally on the wall for your mind
and look unto me, in tempting times."

From my study, my dining room was next,
I thought, "I'm sure in here He'll be impressed."
This was my favourite room of appetites and desires,
everything and anything to keep me satisfied.

He seated himself at the table with me,
then He asked, "what's on the menu for tea?"
"Well," I said "we're having my favourite dishes…
money, stocks and shares, they're all my wishes."

The food, when placed before Him, He politely refused,
I asked. "Master, don't you care for this food."
He answered. "I have food you know nothing about,
the will of my Father you must seek out.

Stop seeking your own pleasures and desires,
seek to please Him, He will truly satisfy."
And there at the table I discovered the great thrill
and wonderful joy, of doing the Father's will.

My living room was next a warm and cosy place.
Intimate and comfortable, comfy chairs and a fireplace.
He said, "this is indeed a delightful room,
let's come here often for fellowship, soon."

Well, as a young Christian, I was so thrilled,
just Jesus and me and learning from Him.
He promised, "I will be here early every morning,
spending time together, is very important."

So, morning after morning, to the living room I came.
He would open the Bible and its truths to me proclaim.
My heart sang as He shared His love and grace.
My living room became such a heavenly place.

However, little by little, under the pressures of work,
my mornings with Him began to get short.
It wasn't intentional you understand,
my work just got a bit out of hand.

Then, not only was the time cut short,
some days with him, I began to abort.
I remember one morning rushing downstairs,
eager to begin my daily affairs.

I noticed the living room door was open, I looked in,
He was sitting by the fire…my heart was broken.
In great dismay I thought to myself,
"He's my guest I asked Him into my life.

He has come as my Saviour and my Friend,
and I have neglected Him in the end."
"Master, have you been here all these mornings?
"Yes" He said, "Long before the day's dawning,

I told you I would be here each morning for you,
I love you, I redeemed you, your friendship I value."
Eventually, it penetrated the thick walls of my mind
the truth, that I am His, and He is mine.

I discovered there's no greater Christian experience,
like the presence of God's intimate nearness,
when daily, we determine to set time apart,
to commune with our Saviour, heart to heart.

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