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My Heart Christ's Home. Part 2

by Billy Creighton © 2021

One day He was waiting for me to arrive,
He had an arresting look in His eye.
"There's a peculiar odour in the house" He said,
"it smells like there's something dead."

I knew what He was talking about,
I had a small closet in the house.
My closet, I kept under lock and key,
a few things in there only for my eyes to see.

Things dead and rotting, left from my old life,
I so wanted to keep them for myself.
As we mounted the stairs towards the closet,
I was reluctant to take the key from my pocket.

I was angry, that's the only way I can put it,
why does He want my little two-by-four closet?
I had given Him access to everywhere else,
why can't I keep something for myself?

Reading my thoughts, He began to walk away,
saying, "ok, this smells too bad, I can't stay."
As I watched Him begin to descend the stairs,
It felt like a knife thrust at me, unawares.

When one comes to know and love Christ,
we never want Him withdrawing His life.
I had to give in, I gave Him the key,
I asked. "Could you please go in and clean it for me?"

He took the key and went over to the door,
He opened it, went in, and looked it over.
It was filled with putrefying stuff that was rotting,
everything in there was good for nothing.

It didn't take Him long to empty the room,
clean it, paint it and leave it like new.
Oh, what a feeling of victory was mine.
To be released from everything dead felt sublime.

A thought came to me and I said to the Lord,
"You have been a guest and I have been the host,
please will you manage the house for me
and keep my life what it ought to be?"

His face lit up as He replied,
"I would love to my child,
you cannot be victorious in your own strength,
surrendering to me will change your life".

I knew what it was I had to do next,
and ran to my little wooden chest,
from which I took out my house title deeds,
then ran back to Jesus and fell on my knees.

I said to Him. "from now and ever after,
You are the owner and my Master."
I eagerly signed the house over to Him and said,
"I promise to be your servant and forever Friend".

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