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The day of Pentecost

by Bettina Van Vaerenbergh

In the Upper Room in Jerusalem, the disciples are gathered again -
They have no idea what to expect; how, or what, or even when…
Obediently they are awaiting Jesus' promise from on high;
Deeply immersed in silent prayer, hour after hour creeps on by.

And then, at last, it is happening, somewhere around the third hour:
Almighty God, their Heavenly Father, is showing His awesome power!
The rushing sound of a mighty wind, the sight of cloven tongues of fire -
Those early Christians present there with great fear and awe inspire.

With the Holy Spirit of the living God every disciple is being baptized;
Now they are one spirit with the Lord, inside them lives the risen Christ.
Emboldened by God for the Gospel, from this very moment on;
Suddenly, wondrously, each man is speaking - in a foreign tongue!

Peter the apostle stands up; he is now rock-like, no longer afraid -
The preaching of the cross of Christ is too important to be delayed!
He addresses the crowd in the street, he exhorts and testifies:
"Repent and be baptized, all who hear, in the name of Jesus Christ."

"All your sins will be forgiven; if in Jesus, the Lord, you truly believe.
Repent and trust Him for salvation; the gift of the Spirit you'll receive.
People of Jerusalem, save yourselves from this unbelieving nation!
All you who hear, save yourselves from this crooked, wicked generation!"

Many believed, accepted Christ and were baptized that very same day;
And so, three thousand souls became committed disciples of 'The Way'.
Believers having fellowship together; sharing the cup, breaking bread
And praying always in the Spirit - it made their hearts light, and so glad.

Together they continued steadfastly in the holy apostles' doctrine -
Just as we still do today; we blessed who believe, but haven't seen.
We continue to share that cup in church, we continue to break the bread;
And every time we do so, we are proclaiming the Lord Jesus' death.

With Pentecost Christians remember, what happened in that third hour;
We give thanks to God for Jesus Christ, and for His Holy Spirit's power.
The Holy Spirit is still a very real, and loving presence inside believers -
He helps, comforts and strengthens us; to shine as lights for Jesus!

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