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The Sad Prefab

by Billy Creighton © 2021

Looking back on our two-bedroom shack
(an old worn-out pre-war prefab)
Sad memories weren't few like the watery stew
To feed 7 plus mum and dad
The patched clothes that we wore were hard to ignore
As other kids laughed us to scorn
And it didn't help with the shoes that id found
Which his mother had dumped just before
Money was scarce in mother's small purse
As we lived without any frills
And the men they came out and turned our lights out
Cause dad didn't pay many bills
But they weren't long away when we shouted "hooray"
For father he had a brainwave
He found the pliers and re-joined the wires
And he put the lights on again.
The nights were cold in that prefab with its mould
And we huddled in bed for some heat
And the blankets were few so we had to make do
With old coats and our freezing cold feet
The little shop round the corner from us
I'm surprised it never closed down
For we ran up debt we couldn't pay back
And they threatened to run us from town
Christmas was sad in our little prefab
For we never did get many toys
And one year I got an empty Action Man box
Cause dad said he'd gone AWOL
I remember one time I was aged about 9
I saved up my pennies, 26
And I dined on my first bottle of wine
And I ended up getting blitzed.
Yes, most memories are sad in that little prefab
As I look back upon those hard years
And I'm sure mum and dad their lives too were sad
And no doubt they shed many tears
Yet there was a time, I know now was divine
When I stood on the chair in Sunday school
And the verses I'd learned as a child would return
And God would use them later for my good
For He brought me to the place where I tasted His grace
And he loved me with the love that I had craved
Showing me the cross where His Sons life was lost
For me so that I might be saved
And now as His child my needs He provides
And worry about provisions He's set me free
And for all that I lacked in our little old shack
He has supplied in abundance for me
And now I look back at the time in our shack
And I thank Him for those hard years
For I now have a love from heaven above
For those who cry the same tears

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