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A Trip to the Zoo

by Robert Deimel © 2020

Most everyone thinks when they go to a zoo
They are all better off than the animals who
Entertain all the folks who peer into their cage,
Though they can't add or spell, and they don't know their age.

It's true that the animals don't go to school;
They don't study or learn and they can't read a rule.
And they don't go to classes to learn ABCs;
They would mostly prefer just to do as they please.

The children and parents and other folks, too
Think "We all are so very much smarter than you."
They all think that the animals don't have a clue
But guess what -- every one of them knows that's not true!

The monkeys are always the best acrobats;
They enjoy entertaining ferocious big cats.
And they swing on the branches of vines and tall trees
And they do summersaults on the flying trapeze.

Swinging and playing they all jump through branches;
They mesmerize folks with their intricate dances
Way up high in the trees far above a big cat.
Could a congress of monkeys be smarter than that?

The polar bears, with their coats white as the snow,
Are the biggest and tallest of bears here below
The far north Arctic Circle where they can be found
Diving deep into oceans where icebergs abound.

Down here at the zoo where no icebergs exist
All the polar bears swim and they cannot resist
Diving into their pool where they swim and they play
And perform for their audience near every day.

Right next to the polar bears, penguins and seals
Have gone fishing in water so frigid it feels
That they all want their very most favorite dish
And now what would you guess that it is -- frozen fish!

They look at their audience watching nearby;
And sometimes they're so sad that they just want to cry;
Because those who are watching can't jump in their pool
And come swim with them where it's so wonderfully cool.

And right down the path past the polar bear's pool
Is a tropical aviary that's so cool.
It is here that the peacocks all practice their walk
They're preparing a fashion show -- that's how they talk.

They strut and they waddle, they keep even pace;
And they walk with a peacockish grandiose grace.
How they flaunt their designer apparel for all
To see how they'll perform at the Queen's Royal Ball!

The elephants know that they always have been
The most popular pachyderms; they always win
Every contest they enter where people will vote
for their favorite animal -- others take note.

One of the elephants, then feeling frisky,
Decided to do something, possibly risky.
She sucked up some water and then took careful aim
And then squirted a lady who thought it was rain!

The giant gorillas are charming and strong
And they always attract a magnificent throng;
They are proud and intelligent, graceful and free
And they gayly swing handily from tree to tree.

One time, a gorilla had a baby son
That she proudly displayed to delight everyone.
But after a while she became a bit sore
And asked, "Haven't these folks seen a baby before?"

The moose have the handsomest antlers of all;
They are heavy and wide and could break down a wall.
But the moose thought it sad, and the people forlorn,
Who must live without antlers or even a horn.

The tigers and lions are proudest of all;
They are stately and regal, they always walk tall.
They are all very strong, and they're lightning fast;
They shoot up through the trees and come down just as fast.

But tigers and lions seem restless and board;
And they don't seem amused by the visitor's hoard.
They look at the visitors then wish, in dismay,
That these odd biped people would just go away.

It's not that these cats are less patient or wise
It is more like they see these folks through different eyes;
They are usually wary of bipeds and so
They would rather the people would just turn and go.

The rhinos and hippos are proud of their weight
And they wonder about very light people's fate.
Do these folks blow away in a wind or strong breeze?
And how do they keep standing if they start to sneeze?

The ostrich is the tallest bird in the world;
And her eggs are the biggest bird eggs in the world;
And not only that, she is fast on her feet;
She can race while she pulls a cart -- isn't that neat?

The eagle is the proudest bird in the sky
If you ever see this bird in flight you'll know why --
It's wingspan is awesome, it's graceful and free
Symbolizing our nation -- that means you and me!

The animals living right here at the zoo
Each possess special gifts, just like all of us do.
And we all have a place and we all play our part
And that's just what makes all of us so freakin' smart!

Remember, whenever you go to the zoo,
Every animal's different, just like me and you.
We all have some special gifts so now we can say
Thank God for our differences, and all yelled "Hooray!"

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