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Pain for Peace

by louis gander © 2021

Pain's misery is haunting. Good health is best to keep.
This cancer is unbearable, it keeps me from my sleep.
I've been so many months with pain, I don't know what it's like
to break free from these awful pains; to walk, to jog, to bike.
I don't remember what it's like to live without this pain
and it continues stabbing me. I'm going now, insane.
Now God still holds the miracle and God is still in power
and God can take all pain away in these, each precious hour.

I pray, "Dear Lord, deliver me, if it is in Your will,
and take this awful pain away, that I'm enduring still.
I do not have the answers and I do not have the voice.
I do not have the fortitude and do not have the choice.
I don't deserve forgiveness and I don't deserve Your love,
for I have sinned against Your will and Heaven there above.
But grace has set me free from sin. You've healed me spiritually,
so if Your will is so inclined, please heal me physically."

So many care. So many pray. So many read my words,
but I would give it all away to fly among the birds.
The blue skies seem so endless up above the tallest tree.
Birds seem to be so free of pain and soar above so free.
I'd praise my Lord with ev'ry song, with ev'ry line and verse.
And could it be, long life on earth, is just a wicked curse?
But if God wills, I'll stay on earth where pain may never cease.
Yet should He will to take this 'cup', I'll trade this pain for peace.

NOTE: Very shortly (within a day or two) after I wrote this poem, my pain TOTALLY left my body and I thank God for EVERY MINUTE He blesses me with normal living. I now live as best as I can in the spiritual world- not the physical.
God does answer prayers and I thank all who have prayed for me.
I PRAY for ALL THOSE who had and have cancer. Prayers from SINCERE Christians works those of you who are hurting have my prayers as well.
This world needs His grace and salvation and we need to pray for lost souls also.
Thank you Jesus!

This poem won first place for the May 2021 poetry contest

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