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by Peter the Poet © 1997

Men of faith lift up your heads and arise,
Don't look at your feet look at the sky,
Under God there's no limits to what can be done,
If your wondering who's going to lead, you're the one.

Why waste time waiting for others to move,
The true path must be followed, rough or smooth,
Don't sit and drink tea and discuss how to walk,
Don't be as a coward, no action and all talk.

Remember that David, a boy poor and humble,
Wasn't afraid to stand up and join in the rumble,
And because of his faith the battle was won,
God's army stopped crawling and broke into a run.

Yes, the world's a hard place when you follow the Lord,
But take heart in the fact that you'll never be bored,
It's better to fight than to cower in fear,
So sharpen your weapons and get off your rear.

Remember that Moses was quiet and reserved,
But despite his weakness, at the Lord's whim he served,
The Lord gave him power to break Pharaohs hold,
He trusted his God and did what he was told.

So rise up you men, my brothers in arms,
Rise up you Preachers and singers of psalms,
Don't fold your arms and wait in the wings,
Become a willing master of Godly things.

Take up your positions as leaders of men,
It's not a matter of how, but a matter of when,
Grab on to the ball, because it's in your court,
And earn your Salvation that Jesus Christ bought.

There is no bigger waste of time than the men of the Church standing around while there is great work to be done. Everyone has a gift or calling to fulfil, (evangelism may not be for everybody but each gift or calling must be used for God's glory), it may be writing, singing, teaching, admin or counseling skills, but it is up to us to ensure that we do not lead a wasteful life by not utilizing these God given gifts or talents in our ministry. As men we bear the burden of being our families leaders as well as the added pressures from work and it can be very easy to just go to Church every week and let others handle the workload for God. We must shoulder the responsibility given to us by God and not duck shove them over to our Women and Youth out of lethargy. It's great that our Women and Youth can play an important part in the Church but a sight we should not see is all the men sitting in the pews while the Youth and Women are performing all the Church duties and responsibilities. Wake up men.

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
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