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Reaching Out

by Robert Deimel © 2020

I got a call today, it came to me as a surprise;
I hadn't quite expected it, I wouldn't have surmised
That this particular old friend would likely take the time
To stop what he was doing and do something near sublime....

As interrupt his hectic day and take a moment to
Reach out; he knows the things that I can do for him are few.
Position, rank, authority, importance I have not;
He doesn't seem to care about the things I haven't got.

And then I started wondering about what I have done.
How many people have I called? -- the answer (gulp) is none.
I could have reached out to the people who would have been blessed;
Of all the bright ideas I've had I think this is the best:

I do resolve now to become proactive in my stance
I'll step out from inside my shell, I'll do more to enhance
The friendships which I sadly took for granted; now I see
How clearly I could foster more by thinking less of me.

I'll write a note or make a call, I'll send that email now;
I won't put off connecting with my friends -- I've made a vow --
I'll not permit my dilatory way beguile me
Lest then, distracted, I might see my friendships atrophy.

God, help me see the blessings that those friendships are to me;
I must encourage, nurture them as you have nurtured me.
I now resolve to take that step; Lord help me to be bold
As I embrace these people whom you value more than gold!

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
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