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THE BOOK OF GENESIS PART 2: The Garden & The Fall

by Peter the Poet © 2020


So God had made Man from the dust of the ground
Dirt into flesh pound for pound.
And from Man's rib, Woman was fashioned,
Food was abundant with no need to be rationed.

Eden was their home, God's own garden,
They knew of no sin, so need for pardon.
God provided their food and all else they required,
Two were one flesh and marriage was sired.

Adam named all the beasts birds and plenty of fish,
And walked with God daily, everyone's wish.
He and Eve were both naked without any shame,
No stain or blemish and absent of blame.

But there was a tree from which God said "Don't eat",
Knowledge of good and evil will bring down the heat.
God said "Help yourself to everything else,
That one is definitely bad for your health"!

Now the serpent heard this and told Eve "What a crock"!
God's put you in chains so I'll spring the lock.
Take a big bite and you'll be just like the Lord,
She was tricked by a liar and master of fraud.

Then Adam joined in and followed his Wife,
Took a big bite and got into strife.
They hid from the Lord when he came to the garden,
For guilt and for shame and hoping for pardon.

God said "What is this thing that you have done?
Why do you hide and why do you run"?
Who said you were naked? Why the Fig leaves?
Your disobedience has made my heart grieve.

So Eve told the Lord what the Serpent had said,
That she could eat freely and not end up dead.
And God cursed the Serpent to crawl on his belly
Be forever their enemy, lowly and smelly.

Then God said to Eve, "For what you have done,
Your child birth will be painful, your sorrow a ton.
Your desire is for Adam and he'll rule over you,
Strife is now for your days through and through.

Then God said to Adam, "And as for you dude,
You'll labour real hard for all of your food.
The ground will be cursed with thistles and thorns,
Your hands will be blistered, your feet will be torn.

So out they were cast, from the Garden of Eden,
Their grains to be grown, their bread to be kneadin.
And God set a Cherubim to guard Edens gate,
To keep man from making another mistake.

So Adam and eve set about their new life,
Full of ups and downs with trouble and strife.
They went forth and multiplied as originally instructed,
And so life went on and business conducted.

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
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