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This Years Celebration

by Mark Henderson © 2021

The day before Memorial Day
And what should a man really say
Should he salute and praise its vets
Or should he mourn its many deaths

On one hand there's the heroes unsung
And then on the other those dead too young
Again there are those given Purple Hearts
Yet also those carried away on horse drawn carts

So what is one to do, think or feel
On this day, memorialized until
Until the next conflicts and wars
The next child who becomes a corpse

Are we so dull, so numb, so inhumane
We eat our hot dogs but remain the same
Celebrate a day and yet forget the cause
That anger and hatred are surely its straws

Oh hypocrites we are in all we proclaim
Because lauding our soldiers is just a game
For our attitudes and actions create the war
That we say we going to honor them for

So I think I'll pass on this years celebration
And I think I'll kneel and ask for inspiration
Inspiration to be an instrument of grace
Instead of causing wars they must face.

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