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Things That I Don't Like

by Robert Deimel © 2020

My whole life would be happier if only there were not
Those certain aggravating things that bother me a lot.
I'm normally a happy kid but sometimes, to be frank,
I wish I were a knee-high version of a Sherman tank.

My older sister, for example, never seems to think
About her junk she's always leaving on the bathroom sink.
I have no interest in her razor, hairspray or perfume;
I never would have use for them, I surely would assume.

My older brother sometimes is a problem, to be sure;
He always wants to be the boss, I think he's insecure.
I try to give him what he wants, or let him have his way,
But there are times I wish that he'd be sent to Subic Bay.

I generally don't mind school, I want to grow and learn;
My teachers normally are good, they're rarely ever stern.
It's not the teachers or the work that might mess up my day;
But just a few obnoxious kids that sometimes come my way.

A loudmouthed kid whose name is Butch will sometimes just appear
And suddenly I'll find it's really difficult to hear.
It's not that he has anything important he might say,
But when he talks too close to me, then I can feel his spray.

A girl whose name is Sylvia has got to top the list
Of most offensive people who would never once be missed.
This girl has every word of gossip -- always has the scoop;
The problem is, her information's strictly pigeon poop.

Another girl whose name is Cynthia, is probably
A long-time friend of Sylvia's and possibly could be
The most outrageous liar in the whole entire school --
A girl most surely you'd avoid unless you are a fool.

Another thing that bothers me, but just once in a while
Is when we're on the playground and my good friends Keith and Kyle
Are both involved with other friends, they're somehow just not there,
And no one else will talk with me -- they simply do not care.

I'm happy that I get to eat my dinner every night,
Then go to bed and hear my mother say to me, "sleep tight."
But sometimes dad is not at home because he's working late;
Then I don't get to be with him -- that's something that I hate.

Another thing that bothers me, although it's fairly rare --
Is when mom and dad seem worried, or seem in some despair.
I don't know why that it might be, or even if it's true,
But if I think I notice it, I'll say a prayer or two.

There are a lot of things and people who I wish were not;
My life would be more pleasant, then, though I have not forgot
The most important thing, by far, is always to recall
I'm blessed and I'm alive; that's most important overall!

This poem was a finalist in the May 2020 poetry contest

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