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by Paul Purday

The placement of identity
By folk who find it hard to know
Unnumbered factors there to be
And many ways their lives to show
Greater the heart-felt search will find
The wandering footsteps of the blind.

The present culture has confused
All semblance of a Godly way
Time-honoured paths will be refused
Sad by-path of the present day
But those who stand and would be free
Rest in their new identity.

This new identity in Christ
Would show a Godly way of life
And found that He alone sufficed
To shield us from this culture's strife
And bring us to an endless Way
Of glory more than tongues can say.

In Christ we would give up the old
All which was nailed upon His cross
And tread His way with steps of gold
No longer ploughing through the dross
Our new identity in time
Links with eternity sublime.

Only in Him the path is clear
But in the flesh it will but show
The way we to the world appear
In Christ our inward life to know
And His lone path to now pursue
As He that path with Grace will strew.

We often see our lack of worth
Our human ways to recognise
And blame the problem of our birth
The wrong direction of our eyes
The Birth is new, the Life is fresh
No confidence is in the flesh.

Why can we not rely on Him?
And stand on our inheritance?
The glory that will not grow dim
We rest on His omnipotence
Our new identity will be
The pass to an eternal sea.

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