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Considering the Birds

by Robert Deimel © 2020

I sometimes wonder why it is that birds do what they do.
A good example is, I think, when I've seen birds that flew
Into the branches of a tree for just a moment, then
They'd fly away to somewhere else and not come back again.

I cannot help but wonder how the birds choose where they fly;
There are so many destinations they could choose, so why
Would they decide on one good tree, stay just a moment, then
Without the slightest hesitation, fly away again.

It's not as if they were performing some specific task
Like looking for a worm to eat or sunny place to bask.
They aren't even looking for some twigs to build a nest;
They might as well just go to sleep, perhaps they need a rest.

Another thing I've noticed is that they frequently fly
As if they have no destination, no good reason why
They move in one direction, then, abruptly change their course;
I'd beat them in a race if I were on a horse (of course).

Another thing I've noticed -- it seems curious to me
That every bird that perches on a wire soon will be
All facing in the same direction, how'd this come to be --
With no dissent or slightest hint of nonconformity?

And here's another thing that seems most curious to me;
I've noticed birds on wires all look just the same to me.
Compare this, now, to all the birds you see perched in a tree.
You see all kinds of birds there; please, explain this now to me.

I have to mention one more thing that sure befuddles me:
I've seen large flocks of birds all fly in close proximity.
They fly so very close together every way but straight;
They'll fly up and around and down, then do a figure 8!

The thing that's so surprising and what I can't understand
Is how they don't collide in midair or crash on the land.
They all seem that they know exactly when each one will turn;
Could they have gone to flying school? -- and what a thing to learn!

So many birds throughout the country fly south every year;
They know that winter's coming -- that means icy winds are near.
And so they all fly south together where they'll all be warm
Protected from the ice and cold and nasty winter's storm.

It's not that I am questioning God's plan or His design;
It all seems most ingenious and is certainly benign.
The thing that seems so crazy that I can not understand
Is why on Earth they'd want to fly back north, back to a land....

They all know will get cold again when winter comes around
Just like it did each year before when icy winds abound.
Does this not seem a wee bit strange, can you explain to me
The reasoning behind this thinking; might we all agree...

That this is nuts, it makes no sense that these birds all return
To where they'll only leave again when once again they'll spurn
The icy cold which they must flee in order not to die?
You have to ask yourself the question, "What's the reason why....

They simply don't remain down south where it's so nice and warm,
And never have to worry about nasty winter's storm?"
They never pay their taxes; and their nests are always free --
It's difficult imagining a better place to be!

And thinking of imagining, can you imagine why
Some birds will move in to a house but others wouldn't try?
I frequently have seen a birdhouse hanging from a branch;
A happy robin family resides there with its aunts.

But other birds would not move in, if given the same chance;
They just don't like the whole idea, they have a different stance.
It's not they don't appreciate a house, they're not aloof;
They want to see the sky above and can't see through the roof!

Just think of how incredibly amazing nature is --
There are so many kinds of birds, you needn't be a whiz --
To see and then appreciate the sound of nature's call;
Thank God for nature's bounty, and the beauty of it all!

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