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The Tapestry of Life

by Diane Strong

The Tapestry of Life, it seems -
is woven through with Golden Dreams.
Dreams, though often marred by pain,
are gently placed ... that we might gain
an entrance into things unseen
by human eye ... by human means.

Though we would choose the joyful threads
of colors bright ... with glowing hue -
The somber strands - it must be said,
quite often give a deeper view.
Our choices, though, not always best,
God will use ... at His bequest.

And then, one day ... in Heaven's Halls -
perhaps we'll see, upon a wall ...
our Tapestry of Life ... complete -
The threads of joy ... the strands of grief -
fashioned with such Grace and Love ...
All woven by the hand of God.

Diane Adele Strong

This poem won second place for the June 2021 poetry contest

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