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I've Sometimes Wondered Why

by Robert Deimel © 2020

I've sometimes wondered how it is that birds don't learn to fly
Before they jump out from their nest and take off toward the sky.
I think they never practice first; I always wondered how
They suddenly are able to stand up and fly -- somehow.

I've also sometimes wondered how the birds first learn to walk;
(It doesn't matter whether it's a sparrow, wren or hawk).
They never practice, try a step or even learn to crawl;
They never even seem to have the thought that they might fall.

And have you ever thought why geese honk so much when they fly?
They always seem to honk like crazy while they're flying by.
But most birds never make a sound when they fly overhead --
It doesn't make a difference if they're pink, chartreuse or red.

I've also wondered how it is that fish first learn to swim;
(Imagine, if they didn't learn, their future would be grim).
It seems to me surprising that they all can be so good
At something they were never taught, but clearly understood.

I once looked at a centipede and saw its hundred legs;
Now here's a good example of design that clearly begs
The question, "Is this thing for real or one great big mistake?"
I saw it move or I'd have thought it surely was a fake!

And why are elephants so big and hamsters very small,
And why are all those poor giraffes so very, very tall?
If they all live together in a jungle or a zoo,
Why don't they all look more alike, as modern people do?

I've sometimes wondered how it is that people always rode
On horses, camels, elephants -- we're such a heavy load.
But have you ever seen an animal offer a ride
To any other animal; it's rare, I must confide.

I once saw a koala bear and once a kangaroo
Give rides to little babies, but how few there are that do.
And honestly, I think it really makes a lot of sense
For animals to offer rides and never charge a pence.

Now here's a great idea for farmers all across the land;
It doesn't matter whether they have water, fields or sand.
They should have those exotic animals we rarely see --
The ones we only read about in books or poetry.

I'm thinking of rhinoceroses, vegans who eat fronds,
And wildebeests and sloths and colored fish that live in ponds
And all the other great, delightful creatures rarely seen;
If we could visit them on farms that really would be keen.

I see now the entire world is all completely filled
With every living creature an omniscient God has willed.
There always will be questions, things that I don't understand,
But pity the shortsighted soul who fails to see His hand!

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