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Out With the Old, In With the New

by Robert Hawkins © 2020

From the very beginning, God knew in advance
who would worship his son and conform.
The predestined have chosen -- though all have that chance;
of their brothers, they chose the firstborn.

As we look on his Son, we can see God's intent
and his purpose in all that he's made.
Christ was made in God's image one thousand percent
and the firstborn of all that's displayed.

So have we, in the image of God, been designed
to rule over the land, sky and sea;
don the likeness of God, leave your old self behind
‚Äčand be righteous and holy as he.

Seize this new way of life -- one renewed from inside,
and await for what God has in store!
Let the Lord's Spirit work to make you sanctified,
so his glory reflects even more.

Because this is the secret: that Christ lives in you;
every part of your old life must go.
So, its out with the old and its in with the new
for the greatest thrill you'll ever know.

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