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As Long as God is my God

by Annie B © 2020

As long as God is my God;
noises of heaven will not annoy;
No more the pains of sin and wrong;
No more grief. Now, eternal joy!

Satan, no more your thoughts can dwell
on all the glories of the pure;
No more the pains of sin and hell;
Now, God's light shall always endure.

Soon, His own will be devoid of woe;
When God's goodness sheds gladness here;
Where His joy will forever glow;
His justice will break all bitter fear.

Those who live poor and without rest
need Your strength to praise Your highest good.
In You, their souls will be rich and blest;
In perfect bliss with a joyful mood.

Time will last without joy below;
Hell will last within earthly pain;
When man sinks to endless woe;
For to us - an endless joy we gain.

Whoever ponders on Him is wise;
The world finds peace with Him no more.
All fleshly lust He despises;
Soon, all earth's delights will be over.

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