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by Ronald Ferguson © 1999

There are three Cs that Christian men must not let overcome,
For they embody dangers great where we must not succumb.
Three subtle means that will destroy a vibrant Christian work -
Then recognise these scourges three that in our lives may lurk.

The first of these - COMPLACENCY - grows from a careless heart,
For slowly, from his trust in God, a man has drawn apart.
No strong convictions in his life, just careless attitudes;
He speaks not of indwelling life, but worthless platitudes.

CARNALITY the second is, that creeps with silent feet,
To take control and crown itself upon its worldly seat.
Are fleshly ways and worldly means the instruments we choose
In daily living and outreach; these carnal things we use?

How weakened are our Christian hands if we use COMPROMISE!
The work of God will not progress; His work we'll neutralise.
To yield on this, and give up that, is not a sign of strength.
Some like the gospel "watered down". They'll go to any length.

Now in the church of modern times, philosophies have changed.
Across the spectrum of this world, its attitudes have ranged.
What are our thoughts on these three Cs? Their evils do we see?
Complacency and compromise! And dead carnality!

This poem was a finalist in the November 2021 poetry contest

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