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Now is the time

by Bettina Van Vaerenbergh

"Repent, and believe the Gospel,
The Kingdom of heaven is at hand."
A simple message, yet so many -
Haven't heard, don't understand…

How none of us are our own -
But to our Creator we belong.
How the body's death isn't the end;
How after that, the soul lives on.

How there really is a God in heaven;
Who's loving, good, but also just.
How we can be saved from wrath;
Only if in Jesus Christ we trust.

How we can become God's children;
So dearly loved and cherished.
How we can have life to the fullest,
With good Spirit-gifts enriched.

How God wants to heal us and
Give us guidance through His Word.
How He gave His only Son for us;
How very much God loved the world.

How Jesus has risen from the grave
And now forever and ever lives;
How forgiveness and salvation -
In His name, God gracefully gives.

Out there are so many people -
In need of the key to the Promised Land…
Now is the time to share the Gospel,
To lovingly reach out a helping hand!

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