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His Name

by Paul Purday

His the Name, the strongest tower
There can be no greater Name
And describes His highest power
All His vast majestic fame.

It would also show the weakness
Of a God who stooped to die
Showing forth His own uniqueness
That alone would signify.

For there is no other Person
Union of God and man
Astonishing divine cohesion
Wonder of the Maker's plan.

Glorious name of Jesus causing
Every single knee to bow
Many seeing Him are pausing
His new life is in them now.

His great Name is like no other
Where salvation can be found
Father, mother, sister, brother
All, in His new life are crowned.

Others only crave attention
Fame and fortune is their way
All they call for is a mention
Their celebrity display.

Here is One, the world surprising
Lion of power, strength and might
Lamb of meekness, pride despising
Name of Jesus, Name of Light.

And His Name is on our forehead
Greatest Name for us to own
Mystery of the loving Godhead
Worshipers of Him alone!

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
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Book by Paul Purday

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