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Be Merciful

by Annie B © 2020

Be merciful to me, dear Lord.
Please bring Your mercy, grace, and truth.
I know You have expanded my heart;
My soul now puts its trust in You.

My desperate cries to You ascend;
To Your majestic throne on high.
You, who work all things for good,
Please make me the apple of Your eye.

In the shadow of faith fathers
Your fortress will be home;
Even in my deep and darkest time,
I know that I will never be alone.

From Heaven, You gave us Your only Son;
Through Him, grace and mercy You have sent;
So, my sins will not consume me
Because I have You as my defense.

My soul was among fierce lions;
Satan tried to claim me as his own.
Godless men's teeth like burning spears;
Their sharpened swords - slanderous tongues.

My eyes looked down where they laid a net
For all my steps to be ensnared
Into the pit which they dug for me.
Planning to forever leave me there.

I felt Your grip as You held me tight;
Then I knew that I was saved.
Through You, I can defeat my foes.
With You, I can always be brave.

All will someday know You've won
Above heavens, stars, and worlds.
And now, as Your glory's advancing,
We'll learn that You're indeed the Word.

Lord, forever I'll exalt Your Name
Above the heavens You now stand;
Giving Your glory to fill all voids
Above all the seas and lands.

My heart is light, my mind is fixed.
About You, I will sing and praise.
My crown's waiting at Your throne;
Your banner I will eternally raise.

I will praise You among the people.
Among the nations I will sing,
Because only Your name shall ever be,
The Lord of Lords and King of Kings.

O God, exalted be Your name.
Above all the heavenly orbs
For as long as I am given breath,
I will forever call You Lord.

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
Please remember to mention the author of this poem when using.