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The cross

by Frankie May © 2021

Close to the cross
A front row seat
They saw everything
As they stood at His feet

Beneath the blood
That dripped from His veins
Nothing they could do
To relieve all His pain

They heard every word
That He spoke to His mother
His brothers, the thieves,
And then to His Father

The anguish He felt
But not for His pain
It was for our sin
That this lamb was slain

He took no account
For the things that were done
While the people kept mocking
And having their fun

Forgive them my Father
Their sins are on me
They don't know it now
Someday they will see

I came for this time
To suffer and die
To see them in heaven
To be eye to eye

The ones from afar
Who loved Him so dear
Stood at a distance
In horror and fear

Their hearts torn apart
All clouded by doubt
How could this be happening
They then heard Him shout

It is over
It is done
The thing that I came for
Has finally begun

The tears that they cry
Will soon wash away
With hearts full of joy
On the third day

My Father in heaven
Creator of all
This was His perfect plan
Right from the fall

There's times when we suffer
And don't understand
Trust and believe
There is a perfect plan

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