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Lonely, But Never Alone...

by Alan Annis © 2021

Here between love and loss, it seems, I'm well and truly caught.
Feel like weeping bitterly; but I know I will not -
Oh Lord, I pray there comes a day that I don't feel alone -
In this world, and in this way - help me lay down this stone.

You've given friends and family - abundant is Your grace;
Thankful that it covers me, in such a lonely place.
Where my eyes still fail to see, and doubt tends to pervade,
There, let Your grace shine on me - there, let Your word invade.

Since the day that I lost Janette, I've walked this world alone -
Walked it with a heart of flesh, where once my heart was stone.
But lately joy has turned to dust, and happiness evades -
My dreams have begun to rust upon the bed I made.

I've been so long a castaway, adrift on seas unknown;
Wandering a weary waste, where light has rarely shone.
I have wandered many days, and strayed so far from home -
Yet, though it has felt that way - I've never walked alone.

And just as there's no fear in love - just so, love casts out fear -
So let Your grace be enough,; and cast this far from here.
Dear Lord, instruct me in Your ways - let my ears hear Your word -
That I might know better days, and live by all I've heard...

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