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The Gift of Faith

by Alan Annis

Faith is more than just simple belief,
Though belief is where it starts;
For belief begins within our minds,
But faith, within our hearts.
To believe is a choice that we make,
But faith is the gift of God:
The gift that allows us to follow
When we are led abroad.

Faith is also fully confident,
Though conviction is not faith;
Still, we must be completely convinced,
If we're to win this race.
And so is faith also full of trust -
For faith, without, is naught;
As we trust in God to understand
When we don't pray as we ought.

It's one thing to believe that God is,
Quite another to perceive;
When we first experience God, and
The gift of sight receive.
The more we live within the Spirit,
More experience we gain -
Then all the more our conviction grows,
As we trust in Jesus' name.

Belief in God leads to repentance,
Repentance to perception,
With perception comes experience:
Enter love's inception;
And as we love and experience,
Stand convinced we're not alone -
Then do we place our full trust in Christ
Til the gift of faith is sown.

Thank You, Jesus, for the gift of faith
Which You give those who believe,
Thank You for the gift of eyes that see,
The perception we receive.
Thank You, Lord, for the experience
Of watching You guide our lives:
We stand convinced, and ready for
The gift of faith that leads to life...

This poem won second place for the March 2021 poetry contest

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