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New Creation

by Paul Purday

As born in this creation we will see
All to be seen and all we wish to know
Our lives are full and where we long to be
To find within this world where freedoms flow.

The damaged sky, the piercing of the rain
Would mirror our restrictions on the way
To find this freedom is a path of pain
And endless longings where the sky is grey.

Where we are born, all look for hope and joy
But some have found a way completely new
Another Birth, another world employ
All of our lives and newer longings too.

The Spirit now would show a different world
As New Creations in the path of light
Where we can walk with flags of faith unfurled
And God's unfading glory fills the sight.

But there can be a slightly different track
A subtle way within the church to find
To mix the way of Jesus and attack
The ancient paths and leave those truths behind.

A piece of Him mixed with our culture's aim
Not one or other, but an earthly route
Of no offence, but will put out the flame
Of God, and snatch away His heavenly fruit.

That glorious flame! Him only in our gaze
The New Creation fills the heart with awe
Where all is wonder and resounds with praise
Where heavenly anthems eternally will soar.

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Book by Paul Purday

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